Exactly why you need damage control in the form of Dove Hair Therapy Dryness Care Shampoo and Conditioner. SOrry, but it was the relaxer!! Call 1-877-340-8731 Reach for this sugar spray when you're aiming for glossier, softer waves. … One of the biggest concerns when your hair has been damaged by salt from the ocean is the lack of hydration. If spending too much time in the sand and sun is beginning to take a toll on your strands, you’re not the only one. A saltwater pool won’t have the same harsh effects of a traditional chlorine pool. Here are a few tips to prevent hair damage from salt water. Lucky for you, there are a few simple tweaks you can make to your hair care routine to protect your strands from summer woes better. Shop. When it comes to saltwater pools, the situation is a little different. I keep hearing about it but I don't know what it is. Fight against hair damage. I was reading online that salt isn't good for your hair. 3. Shop Now. If possible, I always put my hair in a bun when I’m in the water to reduce the exposure to drying waters,” Perron says. Solving hair damage starts right at the source — the water source, that is. No L’ange. Hair naturally contains about 10% moisture, and is mostly made out of a fibrous, structural protein known as keratin. “Saltwater can also be drying on the hair, long after leaving the beach. It’s officially summer, and when the temperature starts to rise, there’s nothing more relaxing than going for a quick swim in the pool and getting some sun in your cutest swimsuit. As an avid floater and hair stylist, I understand a big concern out there in the float world is damage to the hair and color fading due to the salt water. Wondering how exactly saltwater and chlorine affect your mane? People with fine, dyed or chemically treated hair are especially vulnerable to chlorine damage. No Beachwaver. Although relaxing by the beach is most people’s ideal vacation, spending time under the sun and in the sea can do some considerable damage to your hair. The chemical is actually a yellow-greenish color in its natural state, which is why so many blondes end the summer with a green tint to their hair. I get build up from the salt used in my water softener, so I have to use a clarifying POO once in a while to combat the effect. Salt water can damage your hair. Without this, hair loses its shine. Salt water damages hair by causing dehydration, resulting in dry, broken and tangled hair. “It can also cause hair color to fade faster, strip toners, and weaken any keratin or smoothing systems used in the hair.”. How Salt Water Damages Hair. will it damage my hair or skin? Epsom salt for hair growth. When it comes to chlorine or saltwater, aftercare is just as important as prepping your strands. Salt water is known to be osmotic, which means that it draws water from your hair. Combine 1 cup (240 mL) of apple cider vinegar with 2–3 litres (0.53–0.79 US gal) of water in a bucket or bowl. Thankfully, clarifying shampoos, a.k.a., the superhero of hair cleansers, can make all of the difference when it comes to treating your hair post-swim. Salt water opens up your hair’s cuticle which means damage for colored hair. Allowed HTML tags: