Applying insecticides during warm, sunny days may increase the number of beetles coming into contact with insecticide residues. There may be two generations of common asparagus beetles each summer here in God’s Country, and up to five generations a year where the growing season is longer. Crioceris duodecimpunctata or the spotted asparagus beetle is a species of shining leaf beetle belonging to the family Chrysomelidae, subfamily Criocerinae . The adult beetles are red, yellow, and black in colour and about 7 mm (almost 0.3 inch) long. Its larvae also eat the spears and leaves. It is depicted on Egyptian tombs dating from the 4th century BC and evidence suggests it was cultivated in ancient Rome. Not all species in the genus Crioceris feed on asparagus (e.g., C. nigropicta). Spring is coming, and home gardeners have had a gleam in their eyes ever since the first seed catalog landed in the mailbox. What eats asparagus beetles? The 12-spotted beetles escape by flight. The larvae are fat, grayish-green grubs with black heads. Spear initiation and root growth begin when the soil temperature is above 50°F. If you’re growing asparagus in your home garden, the asparagus beetle is a pest you will be all too familiar. This species is less destructive than the common asparagus beetle because only the adults feed on asparagus plants. Asparagus beetles undergo a physiological process to prepare their bodies to withstand freezing temperatures during winter. One study in Massachusetts showed the wasp demolishing a hefty 50% of beetle eggs in an area and then parasitizing half of the remaining eggs. Asparagus beetle, (genus Crioceris or Lema ), any member of two genera that are important pests of the leaf beetle family, Chrysomelidae (order Coleoptera). Sheaves of asparagus shiver on beds of ice in grocery stores, and foragers are anxious for those first stalks of “volunteer” asparagus to peek up along the roadsides. Larvae are grayish white. Optimum productivity occurs at … The name is neo-Latin from Greek κριός, ram and κέρας, horn. When thinking of asparagus pests, we normally worry about early season feeding on developing spears. • Pupae are brownish red, about 0.2 inches long. [3], "Restricted geographic distribution and low genetic distinctiveness of steppic Crioceris quinquepunctata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) populations in Central East Europe", "Leaf beetle collection of the Mátra Museum, Gyöngyös, Hungary (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 13:04. It is this adult stage that is the focus of control. This annoying insect is about half a centimeter long and is a metallic bluish-black color with white or yellow spots on its back. Biology They’re not the only ones who are waiting. Asparagus consisting of three hundred species is a large genus belongs to liliaceae family, of which twenty are. They feed on and deposit oval black eggs on… The adult beetles are red, yellow, and black in colour and about 7 mm (almost 0.3 inch) long. Curries often result in stinky pee because of a body’s inability to filter out the cuminaldehyde in cumin and the linalool in coriander. Common asparagus beetle: shiny metallic blue-black with yellow and red spots Spotted asparagus beetle: reddish-orange with 6 spots per wing cover Larvae: olive-gray, hump-backed sluggish grubs Its most efficient predator seems to be a small, blue-black wasp, Tetrastichus asparagi, that is a parasitoid of the beetle larvae and that must develop a taste for them, because as an adult, it eats the egg masses. Spotted Asparagus Beetle. Spotted Asparagus Beetle Crioceris duodecimpunctata Information on this Species is incomplete... St. John's-wort Beetle Chrysolina hyperici Biocontrol Species They're a type of long-horned beetle from the Cerambycidae family. Asparagus beetles, in the leaf beetle family Chrysomelidae, are asparagus specialists. After some fun in the sun, the common asparagus beetle lays its eggs in rows of 3 to 8 on the new spears, leaves or flower buds.
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