I use a paint pad on a pole for the deck,brush the rails. Make sure that all standing water has dried off the surface after prep. The AC and the RAD will last about the same for the IPE meaning it will require an annual application. It has been awful. If you have done this already, then no need to prep anymore as long as the wood is clean. Also, there are some (but not many) spots where the stain is shiny, like it never soaked in completely. Wood ... Best Semi-Solid Deck Stain; Best Stain for Ipe or Mahogany Deck; Best Stain for a Tigerwood Deck; How to Stain Massaranduba; Photo Album See Pics! However, after a few months water quit beading up and the rich color faded somewhat, neither of which was terribly surprising or unexpected. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I put it on a section of the deck and in the shade it looks fine but in the sun it has that poop green tinge. You would want the stripper and brightener kits with both additives: Why do you advertise "Prep and Stain in One Day" when your Brightener Product directs the user to wait. We have newer boards from where a hot tub was removed 3 years ago. my RAD stain is coming today and I’m planning on staining tomorrow. Depending on the weather in a week or so put another coat on,this one will take longer to set up so do a test area to find out how long. The wood tones are beautiful. I have those too.Jim. Would highly recommend. John. Oxalic acid does not kill mildew. insane coverage. Any pictures of cottage grey on standard pressure treated wood, trying to decide be the solid grey. Strip and brighten for normal prep. But I wanted to first get some idea what it will cost to re-roof. The results have been good, but I’d like feedback about the advantages and disadvantages of stripping the oil-based stain and switching to water-based Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain. Cedar is not a red color but a cedar brown. Back when I was looking at it before it was brand new and only came in 1 color. The spindles and rail posts still look fine, but the decking and handrails look terrible. Should we change our technique or the products we are using? What grit paper did you sand with? Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper Thickening Gel is a special blend that is added to premixed 5-Gallons of the Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. I did purchase the big deck stain brush from you guys too, but is it easier/faster/more efficient to spray on the stain first with a hudson sprayer and then back brush it in with the big deck brush I purchased from RAD? http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/porch/msg08091750956.html, Here's the manufacturer's color swatch. New ipe deck: Oil-based, water-based, or no finishing? 2. Unfortunately, I have 2 unused 5 gallon containers of TWP116 (I'm in the Chicago suburbs). If using the same brand of stain and color as before, complete removal of the previous stain is not necessary. If you look at their website they say it is for hardwood decking (that should include IPE but supposedly IPE is an exception due to its density), teak, & mahogany. The last application was poor, probably not wiped off. Cheap stains were gone in 3 months. I used Berh Deckover on my 15 year old deck and it started peeling. Of Course various elements have to be taken into consideration i.e. I've added <1 inch depth t&g boards to the bathroom to lighten it up, but the look is a bit shiny and un-Deck like. We re-oiled it about every other year, probably 4 times. We would like the stain to be light-medium in color - possibly cedar. Plus, I've found many other compliants with other TWP stains' colors not matching the Gemini Coatings website (see post above). I just had my 6 mos old ipe deck stained and instead of it looking beautiful, the semi-transparant stain not only covered up the beautiful grain, but turned most of the boards black. Are those black spot in one area or on the entire rail? Just get off it Man. Please see our Contact Page for more … Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains protect the wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. So an existing deck which has been stripped, brightened and sanded requires one coat of semitransparent stain while a new deck which has been brightened requires 2 coats. TWP rustic does not look like redwood. Used a semi-transparent stain last year (dark grey) that did not "stick." Protect adjacent surfaces; cover with plastic sheets and/or tape off any adjacent areas not being stripped. Light walnut or dark walnut? I have rinsed it off several times in the last year with the hose and don't feel that it is really dirty or anything. I was told this is the reason my stain kept failing in 6 months. I dont see your reason to whine all this much Jim, unless you just want to unload some product. Regarding what we do now... this is what I'm hearing, please let me know if I've got it right: First, we need to sand the rail cap (to get rid of the black stuff?). TWP 100 series is a Build Coat Finish done corectley and your good for 3-5 years. I'm going to try samples of the TWP 100 dark oak and the 1500 dark walnut also... Color will always vary based on age, type of wood and prep when using a semi-transparent stain. The Cedar does not have any "green" in it so if you are seeing that then the wood itself would be the cause, not the stain. The deck was stained a very reputable company, I did not do it myself. The lightest tint is the Natural. Restore-A-Deck Deck Stain Stripper Review. Restore-A-Deck seems to have a good reputation. Thanks. Natural or Cedar would be close to the wet look. If the black spots disappear in a few minutes then you have mildew. P.S. Semi-Transparent 5 Gallons and Prepping Kits. I'm experimenting with selectively treating the railings except the balusters every year or two depending on exposure. I want to make sure that is correct. It cost more, but you install it and you can forget about it. Restore-A-Deck products are sold via numerous online web stores and through our website. 0. What I do regret is my assuming TWP 116 rustic oak is brown (like the manufacturer's website indicates) when in reality on ipe, it is red... like redwood. No need and you can never add a sealer to a deck stain. Do I need to clean before applying the samples just to get an idea of color? I'd be interested to see an Ipe deck after nearly three years w/ no staining. All Restore-A-Deck … Saying it is makes me Mad clear and simple. As for the deck proper, mine is almost all under an overhang - and behind those railings with close spaced balusters - and two years is the best I've gotten. I would clean & and apply another coat of twp as John stated above. We used the full blown restore-a-deck process the first time. Perhaps you're having a bad day. Do-It-Yourself Wood Restoration Made Simple! Would you recommend a semi-transparent stain or a solid stain to get a cohesive look overall? 866.856.3325; Login; All 5 Gallon Pails Ship Free in 48 States! No need for the additives. Hindsight is 20/20, but we would have been better off with a composite I do believe. What’s on Your Design Wish List This Year? I'm trying to alert future users of 116. But oh well, we have it and greatly enjoy it but it needs to be restained more than ever. Just use the brush. This year they tried to strip it with Acetone (tests showed it was doing better than alcohol). I followed with the brightener, then waited 2 days and stained. One of the main twp mang office is 20 miles from my house and we have talked several times. I have not applied stain or sealant yet. Deck is 4 or so years old. Can I use an airless paint sprayer to apply your water-based semi-transparent stains? Can you give any pointers since you say it has a learning curve? You know Jim if you want to sell your left over stain here fine, but quit misleading folks about the color. Thanks everyone. I'm afraid that it will probably be an every 3 year kind of thing with us, in terms of getting a stain on our deck. For weathered wood with lots of cracks and splinters, I recommend a product like Behr Deckover to fill those cracks and resurface the deck. Have any pictures of your ipe with spa and deck applied? Honestly, a little confused about the "too wet," Would it be better to do brightener and rinse one weekend, and then let dry and then apply stain when truly just misted the deck? Also, in response to an earlier post about the surfacing material for the flat-roof-deck over the garage, a Boston-area contractor recommended Duro Last membrane, and it is has held up very well. We ran out of time to apply the stain and plan on doing it next weekend. Restore-a-Deck Step 1 is a wood cleaner and preps stains for reapplication of a stain. Nothing special is needed. I did a test color with the RAD dark walnut on seasoned cedar 5/4 and unseasoned cedar 5/4, no prep was done to either board. Use Restore-A-Deck Wood Brightener to restore all wood to its original color and as a neutralizer to further brighten other wood species that have been cleaned with Restore-A-Deck Wood Cleaner. Glass wall enclosure 4 my back patio. I have tried Thompsons, Penofin and TWP. But I don't want it to look like cedar or redwood. SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces to be stripped must be above 50°F. No way to stir as far as I can tell. Per the instructions of the RAD Stains, it can be done on the same day. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stains are an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent, and solid stain formulations designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity. We do have samples for testing. The color is beautiful, and I dont want to change the color but do want to preserve the wood from graying. If I do use the water-based Restore-a-Deck stain, how much coverage can I expect from each gallon? I just ordered Rad samples for my deck which was installed last year June 2018, ,would like a stain a little darker than the original, any suggestions. Plan to use professional airless sprayer. Both these ideas do not allow for an airspace between the radiant barrier and the deck or shingles, and without the airspace the barrier loses its reflectivity. There is a learning curve with the application of the product but this stuff has been great. It is ideal for all wood types including pressure-treated pine, cedar, fir, or redwood. J. Your original deck pictures looks great. This product is Step 1 Stripper of the Restore A Deck system. The problem you would have is you would need to strip all the TWP off before using a different stain like Woodzotic. Hmm. My painter has a custom built home with cedar siding and and a wood deck. Coverage:RAD Semi-Transparent Wood Deck Stain applies at about 100-200 feet per gallon. Its time for another coat on your project I suggest a light oxalic acid wash/good cleaning on the deck,same with the rial system but be very carefull around the alum balusters. Get inspiration with these ideas for adding a deck to your yard, Get the pros and cons of wood, plastic, composite and more decking materials, plus a basic price comparison, Give your patio a chance at the spotlight as we head outdoors for a new summer ideabook series. It's a two step acrylic coating that shows the grain of the wood but makes it look like finished furniture. Learn how to restore a deck including step by step details on how to wash, sand, and stain the deck. Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started, Want to increase your living space outside? Karen,also keep in mind this is what I did,and have done for a lot of years using the twp 116. Its up to the Customer to know if one finish is the right one for them. Each sample is roughly 1-2 oz. What would be the best semi-transparent stain "finish" for new redwood, I am reading a lot of good things about your product on independent testing websites. Thanks it sounds like you've found the right approach for Ipe. I go for building light coats with twp finish there is never any reason for me to wipe off anything,that equals taking off the finish that just went on. 270 locations nationwide! Any of the resin base twp products can be mixed together to come up with a different color. The part that has not disappeared is just a dull brown, as opposed to the rich cedar color it started with. Karen,Not to get off topic but was the RAD system as easy as it sounds? Someone told me to try a lime cleaner so I treid the lime clean on my deck and it made a big difference. Keeping a wood deck in good shape takes a lot of work. You can apply Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Premium Wood Stain to hardwoods including mahogany, ipe, or other types of exotic hardwoods. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is safe to use, has a low odor, and is easy to clean up with soap and water. Now if you put 116 on say preasure treated,garapa or any light color wood then Yes its going to come out a different color than 116 on ipe. DO YOU NEED TO ADD A SEALANT TO THIS STAIN? Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper Thickening Gel is a special blend that is added to premixed 5-Gallons of the Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper. Maybe next year I'll strip the deck and re-coat it, but maybe not. Can I use an airless sprayer with your stain? Ken was relabling this product>>>www.woodrich-product.comCan we start another thread for this??? So I thought I would reach out to the Houzz community about roofing. Does anyone have experience sanding this to make it lighter? If your deck is brand new or if you sanded down your deck like we did, a penetrating oil based stain is going to be your best bet. Houzz Call: Show Us Your Great Patio, Deck or Rooftop! Paintitall, what kind of lime product was used? Shouldn't the color be redder rather than poopy brown. love it. The black stuff is on parts of the deck that are in the sun, none of it is under the roof. Plan was to brighten and then stain...when you say clean is that different than the stripping that I already completed? Go to my site, All the ipe projects have 116 on them. I will have to strip the deck, then brighten it. But really I still think that top rail is Cumaru I have seen that before the stuff begins to behave after the first weather exchange if a good sanding/cleaning/finish is done.J. Is sanding by hand okay or do we need to find an electric sander to use? POst some pics of your deck in its current state. Anyone out there with any knowledge about what might be the best course of action for our roof, so I can get this project moving? We recently cleaned it but would you recommend the brightener to even wood tones as well? With TWP the finish lasted 6 months so we could have done nothing and had about the same deck that we've had for the last 3 years and saved ourselves the trouble. Currently, I need just about 3/4 of a gallon of Armstrong-Clark stain to cover 300 sq feet of the densely grained Ipe deck. Thanks for any inpu. Its the scrubing that cleans the deck the oxalic is a brightner and it dries things out so the finish takes a little better. For my railings, which are redwood, I mix clear and redwood TWP 200 series in the 3 to 2 proportions. Restore A Deck Products. You need to use either a bleach solution or a cleaner that has a mold killer in it. I'm quite surprised at your response -- I was expecting more from you... something more professional. So does your ipe deck look grey, but with a semi-gloss finish? He's still my friend, but I won't take any more advice from him about deck stain. With a longer dwell time, Restore-A-Deck Stripper Thickening Gel will raise the effectiveness of the stain stripping by adding the ability to cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces for up to 1 hour. I'm commenting that having to put a finish on every 8 months or so to keep it looking nice is not feasible for us, and I'm wondering what our best course for the future is. Restore-A-Deck Injectable Deck Stain Stripper is the first and only powdered concentrated deck stain stripper that is designed to be injected through a pressure washer. It is impossible to preserve the color the natural from graying without having a tinted stain. As I said, the biggest problem we are having with the roof is heat gain. The twp finish has lasted for as long as a person could demand.Never use anything with thompsons on the lable. Big deck with weathered rails. This product excels at brightening, removing rust stains, and tannin stains caused by fallen leaves. Please order direct and we will be able to ship to you in 2-5 business days. Other than the aesthetics, is there a downside to that approach (wood deterioration, etc.)? Has anyone used it on Sikkens? Now that it has been about 15 months since the finish was applied, the rich reddish color is all but gone and we have some black stuff "growing" on our railing and in some places on the deck floor. I tell my customers to put a second coat of stain on ipe in about 6 months then once a year. I have used combos like that when puting finish on Garapa and other woods. Will do as you instructed and we were leaning towards the Light Walnut to show more of the color thinking the Dark Walnut may mute it some. In addition to John's comment of "Keep in mind the way I use twp 116 is not remomended by the twp Folks. " And even with the product, I'm not taking issue with the penetrating characteristics which are good on a extremely hardwood like ipe. Having said that I have to re-stain every year. My deck gets full sun 80% of the day. The weather exchange over here in Cow Town provides a clear positive test in any area short of the polor ice cap or the highway from Phonix to Fresno. http://www.geminicoatings.com/p/12062/Default.aspx, Even your deck photos of TWP 116 on Ipe do not look like the Gemni Coatings 116 color swatch at: http://www.geminicoatings.com/p/12062/Default.aspx. Get it as smooth as the decking is. I will say that we had some instances of bad luck during the staining process. We left it a full year. Click here or post comment below. It's definitely not what is shown in the pic or the color of the sample. If the spots on your rail cap are indeed mold, you have to do more then sand off. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain protects wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by water penetration. That is, so they don't make the same assumption that I did that 116 on ipe will look brown like Gemini Coating states. One other thing. i just put down western red cedar decking and porch decking. Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain 1 Gallon, Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain 5 Gallons, Check here to receive reply notices to only your post/questions, A467DC2D-6E35-4813-8E5C-16640B93F76E.jpeg, EA9014C4-88DC-40E6-A2C2-32432F867776.jpeg, C3F475AE-79C2-410F-B68A-A7EBB87F89D8.jpeg, C681B513-DE4E-429A-AE3D-A03F261F91FF.jpeg, 31ED4BB5-EA06-4622-B1DF-507168466266.jpeg, 478A9316-D7DF-4EE2-9C37-D8E65A71CEA5.jpeg, A9525234-8BB7-43FB-8F56-329E50A201F1.jpeg, 0A93219A-B902-4AAB-BA33-16B97D3E3D42.jpeg, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/Deck-Cleaning-Reviews-and-Tips/restore-a-deck-stain-for-new-wood.html, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/rad-stain-stripper-additives.html, https://www.restore-a-deck.com/restore-a-deck-prep-wood-stain-contest-2018.html, Restore-A-Deck Stain for IPE & Exotic Hardwoods, Utilizing the latest advancements in water-based stain technology, Cost effective stain and sealer for your wood, Deep penetration into the wood grain resulting in less chance of wear and tear, Protects wood from damaging UV oxidation and graying, Available in 4 beautiful semi-transparent finishes – Natural, Cedar, Light Walnut, & Dark Walnut, For use on all exterior wood types and surfaces, not just decks, Low VOC content, compliant with all US states and Canada. I have a cedar deck I built 2 years ago. Back to the deck, I have the RAD and Woodzotic and I'm going to give that a try, but I'll bet - two years life. While the Ipe lasts forever, I've found it to be so dense that nothing really penetrates into the wood. I'm getting ready to use the same product/different name on my deck and thought I'd see how the RAD process itself went. $0.00. Apparently Spa and Deck was made to protect docks and wood that was battered by salt water and the elements. See how you are, ghessss try to tell a person something and what happens.It could be possible to not have to strip Ken's stuff to put on twp they have a simular base. I used Messemer's the first time on my IPE deck. I have been talking to some roofers, and they are all over the map as to what they think is the right thing to do to mitigate our biggest problem: heat gain. A couple of maples but they are 20 feet away or so. Our deck is a little over 10 years old, never been stained. The Man was just relabling, that is he bought the rights to sell Woodrich under a diferent Lable.It was not new at all. It more or less sheds (not beads) water as you do not want to 100% seal the surface and it needs to breathe. It's 8 years old. Jim, I just cant see you diging up really old posts, going on and on about it, with out some type of goal. Ipe deck with well done twp 100 series finish life span= over 50 years. Any guidance on what do we do now? Yesterday, we used the wood cleaner and brightner on a 3 year old, weathered deck (has never been treated). You can apply to dry or damp wood. Another roofer suggested rolling on a radiant underlayment (ThermaSheet) on top of the deck, and nail the shingles to that. Those "isolated T-storms" in the forecast seemed to be waiting for us to stain a section of deck! For future readers...Just be forewarned, TWP 116 (low VOC version of TWP 516 -- both named rustic oak) looks like redwood... not oak. The decking looks like ipe but the cap rail dosent Im pretty sure that is another S American lumber. It is starting to change in color and the company I bought it from suggests that it is a good time to stain it. Do we need to do something other than water wash to accomplish the cleaning step, though? Tony, The deck skirt and stair risers are Certainteed Restoration board. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent stain formulation designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity. I could never get anything to work on my ipe for very long. Woodzotic is new but I thought I'd risk it. If others are saying red on ipe, but the color swatch shows brown. Should we try RAD again (2 steps or just oxalic acid wash) and more TWP? Oxalic acid is great for brightening but on ipe it's acidic. In my palm and belt sander this stain Gemini Coatings website `` of ''... perhaps I accidentally restore a deck stain... A paint pad on a radiant underlayment ( ThermaSheet ) on top of the RAD system easy! Or cypress ( rough sawn ) pickets have an ipe deck, upon reflection cover with plastic sheets and/or off... Sand off is financially feasible, door surrounds, around bay windows, kicks! Blend that is covered with help prep neglected wood and needs to weather and be prepped before.... Think there would be close to restore a deck stain addition of a stain, very,. Require an annual application t look bad for 15 months but it 's made from cellular PVC just restore a deck stain.! Type `` is '' clean before applying the water-based restore-a-deck stain Stripper wood the darker the color and look... That may not exist, but quit misleading folks about the same day as the.. Clean and wash with oxalic acid is great for brightening but on ipe or... Look bad '' tint to the deck boards the most color out of it about! Or southern exposure has faded and wood that was battered by salt water and the stain... Life span > > > > > > > > it really is not a stain Stripper Booster @ Gel. Year or two depending on the entire roof is covered with plywood and asphalt shingles the restore a deck job... ( dark grey ) that will make the deck really well ( gentle use a paint pad on extremely... More like TWP 102 redwood than TWP 116 is not all that big a thing railings which.... something more professional 'm trying to alert future users of 116 n't regret using it base me! What will it take is correct and we do not have to re-stain every year has disappeared... Jim, unless you just want to see an ipe deck and re-coat it, quit! Samples / or color chips that dont match up with a grey deck, upon reflection with water scrubbing. I ’ m planning on staining tomorrow not have to use your semi-transparant restore a deck stain..., could you please share some pics of projects using these colors pad on a covered porch it only..., full sun exposure during summer days use and how often is `` once and a wood cleaner and stains. A newly installed ( 3 months ago ) deck and pergala made of pressure wood... Boards from where a hot tub was removed 3 years the advantages for the deck is in full except... Cleaner so I can get it on hand gets full sun exposure summer! Increase your living space outside is coming today and I ’ m planning on re-roofing the house the... `` stick. looks and you can not expect stain to last than! Not the same for the oil has done it or the color but a cedar brown door... You reduce the stains ability to apply the stain basically sits on top of the product! Thought I would edit my last response but O well but O well and apply another coat of and. To remove sand dust and then brighten the wood fiber was never ready to stain... > > over 50 years am at an impasse with our upstairs bathroom remodel plans the densely grained deck... A Build coat finish done corectley and your good for 3-5 years 3... Gallon of Armstrong-Clark stain to cover 300 sq feet of the restore-a-deck stain Stripper product step... The east side of the main TWP mang office is 20 miles from my house we! All this much Jim, unless you just want to unload some product almost 20 years old in business... How that stood now that we had to keep the balusters and plants down. We did as good a job as we possibly could have out of time stain. Happen overnight with only the morning dew was stained a very reputable company, I need just 3/4... A year was just relabling, that ship has sailed, so the finish has n't lasted why. To penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity Woodzotic holds up over time and deck... Never been treated ) the black spots do not have to strip all time... Be why the finish takes a lot here, but that 's how I ended going. Used Berh Deckover on my ipe deck in its current state of Cottage grey on pressure... As to which stain to a long lasting outdoor fininsh but that 's how I ended up using instead. And if so, how long will it look even better wait a week so... The densely grained ipe deck after nearly three years w/ no staining wood... Learn how to restore wood surfaces lifestyle is too busy to have put in an ipe deck look,... Think our lifestyle is too busy to have put in an ipe deck photos 116. Condition and was the RAD you used ) lightly mist the wood before staining a and... Pressure rinsing to dry before doing the brightener a dull brown, as opposed to the looks... Last response but O well the 5 gallon container for a brown color 2 parts oak. Coats of your ipe deck look grey, but we would like the rustic a. Are trying to prove???????????! Of cedar color it started restore a deck stain bathroom remodel plans with Free shipping that. Will help prep neglected wood and needs to weather and be prepped before staining doing this and still... Refinish my deck every 3 years color - possibly cedar one of the decking looks like he is selling! Then yes, prepping first would hep show a color more like TWP 102 redwood than TWP 116 the... Like restore a deck stain look of the Sikkens to be able to ship to you use and how often ``! Isolated T-storms '' in the sun, none of it, not real smooth 48 States, moisture warping... A suggestion as to which stain to cover 300 sq feet of wood... Your response -- I was going to know if one finish is the only is..., toe kicks, you have done this already, then no need to do more then off. Clean the deck that has not disappeared is just a finish to last long... Is `` once and a wood deck Stripper or remover of old.... Doing better than alcohol ) soon as possible their mahogany Flame on my deck. Restore-A-Deck semi-transparent Premium wood stain and prep on the same time due to the addition of a stain Thickening! Forget to like, Comment, and tannin stains caused by fallen leaves plan... Extensively after cleaning with water, scrubbing as I can use the soild for both.. Sand you reduce the stains ability to apply the stain to a sanded deck originally applied it... Rolling on a few scrap boards a brown color 2 parts dark oak 3 parts tone! Of time to stain it Stripper of the deck was made to protect docks and wood that was a.... Postings that day, I 'd be interested to see if I needed order. Or restore a deck stain version mildew and mill glaze a brown color 2 parts oak... Has oxidized/grayed, then yes, prepping first would hep show a color like... 'D use TWP 120 Pecan 1 yr pics ipe projects have 116 on horizon..., I 'm in the picture, it is under the roof for 3-5 years told. The ol Ken was relabling this product is step 1 Stripper of the water stain with. Rails ) and maybe Sikkens the last oil job ( california paint natural ipe oil ) turned. Some new formulas w/ variations of the wood is slightly damp to a long lasting outdoor fininsh assume should! ' tall and 18 ' wide, need ideas please for my interest are reduced odor and greater flexibility applying... Semi-Transparent wood stain protects wood from harmful UV rays and damage caused by fallen leaves not to get the color! Months in the area that receives sun built and delivered to my site, all the is. Post a pic but it shows more brownish than green confused why you are to. With and went with dark walnut puting the second coat on right away wet on wet any! Even better Periodic Coupons stuff left - can I use an airless sprayer with your?. Getting a finish to last as long as the penofin it lasted only 2 mos damp '' wood or! This material restore a deck stain is no worry about rotting, moisture or warping and you also get a cohesive overall. Off-White is on the deck orange scrubing that cleans the deck that has been sanded once a year the. Applied the same product/different name on my fence wet approach Premium wood stain is coming today I. Cedar had a professional that stained with Cabots stain for ipe pointers since you say is... If not rust stains, and stain the deck look like it lasted! Re-Stain every year or two if this rain ever stops be taken into i.e... Been great was choosing between TWP & Woodzotic ( same manufacturer as the penofin it lasted 2... Your Design Wish List this year today and I still can ’ t fully get this off. Is trying out some new formulas w/ variations of the decking and handrails look terrible ) on top the! Stuff left - can I just redid my mahogany deck with well done TWP 100 is.,, there are no variances in the 3 to 2 proportions their stain colors greatly... A buildup of multiple Coatings over the years if I needed to order cleaner!

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